The 5 keys to free spins success online

The allure of casinos is that you can risk everything you have to win big – the luck of the draw has always been the deciding factor in whether or not you walk home a winner. That being said, the games themselves may be purely chance-based, but the way you use a free spins bonus could have a considerable impact on your ability to turn a profit.

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One of the most common bonuses out there is the free spins no deposit required bonus – usually you’ll receive 10 to 20 of these for signing up, although some casinos give out even more. You’ll find plenty of great offers here on our website, but we can also recommend that you use to find even more promotions at UK licensed casinos. You can’t control the outcome of the wheel but you can determine how you use your free spins. The following tips will help you make the most of this widespread, but often misunderstood, no deposit casino perk.

Tip No. 1 – Loosen up

You will eventually come across the terms “loose” and “tight” when searching for an online slots game to play. What this means is that a game has better or lower odds of victory, respectively. Slot games with win percentages under 96% are “tight” and don’t give you as much of a chance at turning a profit. Look for games that have at least a 96% win rate – over 97% and you’ve got yourself a really loose slot that will give you the most value for your free spins. While all slot games boil down to luck, the internals of the games are not always quite the same, and some supposedly give slightly better or worse odds.

Tip No. 2 – Think big

Most slot games have prizes that are entirely internal to the game itself. What this means is that each title will have its own set of prize tiers and winning combinations. Some titles, however, have their jackpots shared across all iterations of the game. This allows the game to pool its resources together to give much larger jackpots. These are referred to as progressive slot titles, so if your free spins no deposit required bonus lets you play this type of slot game, do it. The sum of money you can win can even stretch into the seven-figure range. You can find some of the best free spins offers at when it comes to progressive slots.

Tip No. 3 – Play within the realms of reality

Don’t expect to win a certain percentage of games or a set amount of cash. At the end of the day, these games are entirely luck-based, so there is no cosmic or divine force that influences the outcome, despite what some superstitious gamblers think. Give yourself a range of values that you aim to achieve, and call it a day when you fall outside the “winning posts” too much.

Tip No. 4 – Play emotion-free

Maintaining a calm and rational demeanor can be difficult at times, considering that you are betting your own money (or a free spins no deposit bonus). Letting your emotions govern your decision-making process is one of the worst things you can do – gamblers refer to this as playing on tilt and it is the primary cause of gamblers losing far more money than they should If you keep your emotions in check, you’ll always be able to assess your situation in a rational manner. Only the facts should determine how you play, and letting your emotions cloud your judgment can only lead to a poor outcome.

Tip No. 5 – Know the rules of the game

As intuitive as this should seem, you’d be surprised how many players dive into a game without fully understanding all of its mechanics. Ask your average poker player to name all of the hands they can win with – I’d be willing to bet many of them can’t. Slot games are simpler and more straightforward, but a lot of titles will have additional rules that will make your experience different from one session to the next. A good idea is to read the game guides provided by casino portals such as Fully read the documentation before you commit; newer titles in particular are likely to have a number of rules specific to that one game. Understanding them fully will allow you to take advantage of them in your favour, and really put a free spins no deposit bonus to work effectively.